The Baptist Health Weight Loss Program

For many, weight loss can be life-changing, but finding a healthy, sustainable way to lose excess pounds on your own is daunting. With the Baptist Health Weight Loss Program, we take the guesswork out of losing weight for our members through thorough evaluation, frequent check-ins, and expert guidance.


We work one-on-one with each member to create a customized nutrition and exercise plan, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Our program plans are customized for you based on various factors, including calories, macronutrients, allergies, likes and dislikes, previous weight loss programs you might have used, individual progression, chronic health conditions, and medications. Everything from whether you like to cook, what vegetables you prefer, and your personal goals is taken into consideration when creating your weight loss plan. We can even make nutritional adjustments to address any chronic conditions you may have.


No matter what your health history may be, our registered dietitians and exercise physiologists are medically equipped to safely and effectively help you find your healthy weight. You will learn how to make the healthiest choices for your meals, practice portion control, and learn about your unique nutritional needs. Through a combination of an easy-to-follow food plan and gradually-introduced exercise, you’ll make attainable lifestyle changes that dramatically improve your overall wellbeing.


Ultimately, our goal for each of our members is to help you reach a point where you no longer need to be a part of our program. Here, you’ll reach the weight where you feel your best, while also learning how to maintain healthy habits in a way that works with your lifestyle. Through our tailored approach, we help you lose weight at a steady, safe pace for more permanent results. On average, our participants lose about 1.84 lbs per week.

In the Baptist Health Weight Loss Program, we don’t want to simply help you shed excess pounds, we want to guide you through a transformation that leads to a healthier, happier lifestyle.



Once you request your first appointment in the Baptist Health Weight Loss Program, we will then contact your primary care provider and request they fill out a communication form to ensure you’re a fit for our program. This typically takes around two weeks.


For every participant, the Baptist Health Weight Loss Program begins with an orientation. This orientation is conducted one-on-one with a registered dietitian, and consists of a metabolism test and 90-minute appointment. During orientation, your registered dietitian will take an in-depth look at your medical history, food history, and your diet. Your registered dietitian will also assess your current health condition, including your height, weight, and body fat percentage.

Then, you’ll discuss what you would like to accomplish during the program, identify your ideal weight, and set achievable goals. Your registered dietitian will give you a customized plan based on everything discussed in your appointment and the metabolism test. Your plan will be presented to you in a book that includes your meal plan, a printed copy of your metabolism test results, and handouts with healthy eating tips. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may be advised to purchase shelf-stable entrees, protein shakes, or vitamins from Baptist Health Weight & Nutrition Center.

Three-Phase Weight Loss Program

After orientation, you’ll then begin the weight loss program, which is broken into three phases: weight loss, evolution, and maintenance.


Weight Loss Phase

Weekly attendance (either in person or virtually) until 80% of your goal is achieved

The initial weight loss phase begins with a calorie reduction to induce weight loss and restart your metabolism. Throughout this phase, our educators guide you weekly to provide support, motivation, and accountability.

As you follow your customized plan, you’ll check in with your registered dietitian for 15-30 minutes on a weekly basis. These visits can be worked around your schedule, and can be done Monday through Saturday. During this visit, your weight and body fat percentage will be taken, and you’ll discuss how the program is going for you. If you’re experiencing any issues such as hunger, bloating, or constipation, your plan will be adjusted to make you more comfortable. If you are consuming our entrees, snacks, protein shakes, or vitamins as part of your plan, you can also purchase these while you’re at the center.

If you choose to complete the program virtually, you can conduct these visits remotely, but may be asked to come by in person at least once a month to have your weight and body fat percentage recorded.

Women typically lose one pound per week during this phase, while men typically lose two pounds per week, though this can drastically vary based on your starting weight, body type, and lifestyle. After steadily losing weight for a period of time, members typically begin to stagnate. At that point, your food and exercise plan will be reevaluated to re-initiate weight loss.

The length of this phase differs for each participant. For some it could be 10 weeks, for others it could be a year. It simply depends on how much weight you have to lose, how your body responds to your plan, and your commitment to the program.


Evolution Phase

Bi-weekly attendance (either in person or virtually) until 100% of your goal is achieved

During this phase, you’ll continue your check-in visits, but will only need to come in every other week. Your food and exercise plan will continue to be adjusted based on your needs and progress. At this phase, we reintroduce more self-made meals into your diet, if you’ve been mostly consuming our entrees, snacks, and shakes. This phase typically lasts 4-8 weeks.


Maintenance Phase

Once a month attendance (either in person or virtually) for as long as you need

In the final and longest stage, you’ll check in with us once a month to update us on the current state of your health and diet, ask any questions you may have, and receive encouragement on your wellness journey. This phase can last as long as you feel you need support.

Program Pricing



Weight Loss Phase


per month, with an average weekly food cost of $90

Evolution Phase


per month

Maintenance Phase


per month

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our expert team will calculate your caloric needs in your orientation. As long as you follow the established plan, you will not need to count calories. We recommend you start our program by using our food products and offerings. As you move through the program and begin to incorporate foods outside of what we offer, you may practice food journaling or logging.

  • With dedicated participation, our program participants lose approximately one to three pounds per week. Dedicated participation means committing to weekly visits (either in person or virtually), compliance with your program plan, and executing appropriate physical activity set up in your program orientation.

  • Our programs are not medically supervised and are not billed through insurance. We do not prescribe or manage any medicines.

  • Insurance companies do not cover weight loss programs. Through a partnership with Health Advantage, we are doing a pilot to show the benefit of weight loss programs in the reduction of weight, A1c, B/P, lipids, and improved quality of life.

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